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Sabriye Tekbilek Workshops

  • Room 186, The Orange Hub 10045 156 St NW Edmonton Canada (map)

Sabriye Tekbilek is coming to Edmonton (and for the very first time to Canada!!!) to teach and perform. Dancers of all styles and disciplines will love Sabriye for her depth of knowledge from her educational background, along with her years of experience of dancing throughout the Middle East. For a full description of workshops, please scroll below registration and payment details. Show details here.

Registration Details:

Etransfer: Send total payment as listed below (including GST) to Email to confirm e-transfer answer and your registration information (i.e. what workshops you are registering for). Payment plan available as well- please email Leslie to confirm plan.

Online Registration: Takes Credit Card and Apple Pay. Please note additional processing fees apply.

***Please note that all registrations are non-refundable. Registration may be transferred to another participant but only in full (i.e., one day registration is transferred in full, not on a workshop by workshop basis.) Please inform Leslie of any changes to registration.**

REGULAR RATE- Entire weekend (12 hours) for $420.00 plus GST.

SINGLE DAY (either Saturday or Sunday- 6 hours)- $215.00 plus GST.


INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP (2 hours each)- $75.00 plus GST each.

Workshop Descriptions

Saturday, January 19, 2018: *Technique and Stylization*

Hot Hips On The Move ((9:30AM-11:30AM- 2 Hours)

Don't get stuck in one place, literally. Move those hips as you move your body. We will work on integrating your hip movements onto your traveling movements. Sabriye will break down not only how but also give you valuable tips on how to you can break down the moves yourself and how to conquer the mental challenge of multi-tasking with your body.

Dance Movement with Veil (11:45AM-1:45PM-2 Hours)

Dance Movement focuses on breaking down jazz and ballet technique such as foot placement and turning, which can be relevant to Middle Eastern Dance and demonstrates how the two can be combined. This class with incorporate veil use, both as a dynamic prop, as well as a natural extension of the arms and body.

Khaleeji Technique and Stylization (3-5PM-2 Hours)

Khaleeji means of the Gulf, and just like the geographical region Khaleeji dance has influences from the Arab Peninsula, neighboring India and Iran, and even as far away as West Africa. It's know for its signature hair movements, and earthy sway. Sabriye's knowledge of khaleeji is based on over 8 years experience in the Gulf countries, and she will cover not only movement but history and anecdotal trivia as well. Bring a thobe* (khaleeji square shaped dress) if you have one but they are not required.

Sunday, January 20, 2018: *Performance Skills*

Improv Skills (9:30AM-11:30AM- 2 Hours)

Not having a choreography to lean back on can be scary and intimidating. But have no fear, this class will prepare you for taking the plunge into improv. This class combines lecture and practical exercises, and is aimed at building a dancers confidence and ability to improvise to live or recorded music. Bring your courage!

Beledy Solo (11:45AM-1:45PM- 2 Hours)

A Beledy Solo is uniquely identified by a series of musical progressions. The dynamic build up this creates makes this one of the most exciting and recognizable elements in a Bellydancer's repertoire. During this workshop students will learn a choreography to the track 'Beledy Solo' off of Sabriye Miye Miye as well as information about the structure of Beledy Progressions in general.

Drum Solo Combos (3-5PM-2 Hours)

The finale of a bellydancer's set and one of the most exciting parts of any show, drum solos are a chance for you to show off your skills. However, they can also be a very challenging part of the dance. Through various exercises as well as combos to different drum solos, Sabriye will help us master the drum solo!


About Sabriye:

Sabriye Tekbilek is an international performer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance whose stage presence and technique have been shaped by a lifetime of international performance and study. She is the daughter of renowned Turkish musician, "Haci" Ahmet Tekbilek, and Lisa Djeylan, once an international bellydancer herself. Sabriye grew up in an environment of Middle Eastern Music and dance. As a child and young adult Sabriye studied many dance forms, including Flamenco, Ballet and Middle Eastern dance.

While attending the University of California at Berkeley, she began taking classes with renowned teacher Suhaila Salimpour and quickly became a member of the Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat. Sabriye was featured in the original run of Suhaila's stage show Sheherezade, as well as in DVDs for Bal Anat, the Suhaila Dance Company and Suhaila's Bellydance Fitness Fusion series.

It was while studying with both Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour that Sabriye was encouraged to begin teaching, awakening a passion for instruction. She is currently one of few the authorized instructors of the Suhaila Salimpour Format and holds the highest level of certification available in both Jamila and Suhaila Salimpour formats.

In 2005 Sabriye based herself in the Middle East where she has since worked for seven years with Lebanese agent Toros Siranossian through out the Gulf and North Africa. She also spent one year in Cairo working at the prestigious night club Haroun Al Rashid in the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel along side the legendary Dina.

Sabriye has to date danced across the U.S., in Sweden, Norway, England, Turkey, Spain, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India. She has performed at exclusive venues including the Nobel Prize Party, Warner Bros. Studios, the Miss India Competition; and she has shared the stage with popular Arabic stars such as Ragheb Alama, Wadi Al Safy, Sbohi Tawfik, Marwan Khoury, Wael Kfoury, Abdel Basset Hamouda, Saad, Mahmuod el Husseini, Houba and regularly performs globally for dignitaries.

During her travels Sabriye continues to explore the depths of Middle Eastern dance and music through studying and teaching workshops along her way.

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This workshop is supported by the Alberta Dance Alliance Community Workshop Grant