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Leslie Bellydance

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Performances and Classes

More information and details about instruction on the classes page. Or hire Leslie for your next or event or party today.


Bring a Friend Week

Come try Leslie’s Salimpour Style class on Thursday, April 11th at 6PM at Bedouin Beats. If you decide to register, that $5 goes towards your full registration! Open to dancers with some bellydance experience. Email Leslie at lesliebellydanceyeg@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Bellydance Fit At Rosie T Fitness

A brand new class at a brand new women’s only gym. Join Rosie T Fitness for an amazing assortment of classes 6 days a week. Membership includes Leslie’s Bellydance Fit class!

Saturdays 10:45-11:45AM

Wednesdays 5-6PM


MZD Dance Salon- Dance Blitz

Mile Zero Dance is celebrating International Dance Day with an event that exalts the short dance piece on April 29. Come see artists play with short format works (3 minutes or less) in an unexpected, casual environment of Chez Pierre in downtown Edmonton.

Featuring a number of fantastic artists from across the dance spectrum! Get your tickets today.

Uryelle Dimailig Photography

Uryelle Dimailig Photography


Leslie is a bellydance instructor and professional bellydancer with over a decade of experience located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about this Middle Eastern art form, and has focused much of her dance training and performance on Raqs Sharqi and Cabaret stylizations.

Leslie performs regularly at local events and festivals, as well as private events and parties.  Her performances are known for being full of energy and sparkle.

When she isn't performing solo, she performs with Blush Bellydance Company and is the captain of the Edmonton Salimpour Collective. Leslie is also honoured to be a long distance member of Bal Anat, the longest running bellydance troupe in the world. In 2018, Bal Anat is celebrating its 50th Anniversary with a world tour.

Leslie is also passionate about quality and responsible dance instruction, rooted in her own ongoing education and growth. She develops long term relationships with her students to keep them motivated and growing in their personal dance. She teaches beginner to advanced level classes, with an emphasis on technique based on the Salimpour formats. Leslie also hosts Level 5 Instructors from the Salimpour School on a regular basis. Leslie is certified Level 3 in the Suhaila Salimpour Format, and Level 2 in the Jamila Salimpour Format. She is a dedicated and long time member of the Salimpour School. 

In 2018, Leslie began teaching Garuda (a pilates based exercise) at True Movement Studios. She finds it not only to be complimentary to her own dance practice, but also amazing for dealing with chronic injuries and pain. Join her in class to see the benefits for yourself.

Hire A Bellydancer

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Leslie performing with MENAME. Photo by Amy Senecal Photography